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Timber Business for 21st Century - Plug 'n’ Play.

Timber Business is one of the oldest in the world. However, we are transforming it to 21st Century as if it is just Plug 'n’ Play - Buying Doors & Frames with us is as easy as downloading a Software.

  • Choosing the right timber species - This is where you will experience the Brand of Golden Timbers. We will help you choose the right timber species on your taste and budget.
  • Peace of Mind - We take care of all hassles of carpentry besides your preferences.
  • Deliver to your site and fix for you - Buying Doors and Frames with us is as easy as downloading a software.
  • Protection for the Home - We also supply accessories.

    Our Services

    Our Motto

    Our Motto is to build a long-term relationship with our customers by supplying quality products with wide variety of Timber species at the wholesale price and thus have a pleasant experience in doing business with us.

    No MiddleMan

    We import Logs and Sizes, we use own Sawmills, we use our Carpenters, we deliver to your site, fix for you. No middleman between Customers and Golden Timbers and thus ensure fair price and great quality.

    Manufacturing capacity

    We have owned two saw mills with a capacity of manufacturing of about 500 CFTs sawn timbers per day and gives us added advantages to swiftly the supply custom sizes.

    Wholesale business

    Teak Logs and Sawn sizes: High sea sale, Container Sale and Tuticorin Timber Yard sale. Malaysia Sawl sizes: Container sale at Tuticorin port and CNF from Malaysia. Note: Also @ Golden Timbers Erode & Coimbatore.

    Export Business

    Exporting Teak sizes & Slabs, Sawl Sizes & Slabs, Plywood, Blue Metals, and Wood Furniture to various countries at short notice.

    Short Transit Time

    We are able to deliver at short notice.

    Retail business

    Also in retail business at wholesale price.

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