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Kerala Teak (Logs, Sizes)


Africa Teak (Logs, Sizes, Container Sales)


Kerala Teak

High oil content, superior grains, pleasant color. The best Teak quality from India and the 2nd best in the world after Burma Teak.

Kerala Teak Logs

  • Available in large quantity.

  • Kerala Teak Sizes

  • Superior quality.
  • Available in large quantity.
  • Preferred for unsized / fancy architect design.
  • High Quality Teak Slabs.
  • Available in Premium and commercial qualities.
  • Wholesale business at retail price
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    Africa Teak

    Brings in all good qualities of Kerala Teak as it is of the same species. Superior to South America Teak in terms of strength, oil content and grains. Suitable for medium budget houses. If Burma Teak is considered the Top quality and expensive, Africa comes 3rd after Kerala in quality.

    Africa Teak Logs

  • Available in large quantity.
  • Container Sales at Thoothukudi Port.
  • Prefer Wholesale business.

  • Africa Teak Sizes

  • Superior Quality.
  • Available in large quantity.
  • High quality teak slabs.
  • Available in Premium and Commercial Qualities.
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