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We are the no.1 high quality Teak Doors manufacturer in Tamil Nadu.


Our Goal

Our Goal is to become the number one and the most trusted Timber supplier in India.

Why Golden Timbers® is different from other Timber companies?

Because we deal End 2 End such as Timber Import & Export + Running Two Sawmills + Doors/Frames Production + Two Doors Showrooms + Teakwood Furniture Manufacturing + Plywood. Hardly you will find this combination in the Timber world. That means no middleman.

We are the S.A.M. brothers, founders of the Golden Timbers®. We started the timber business back in 2013 when we realized the potential of supplying quality Burma Teak then. We set up the Golden Timbers® in Erode, a city in south of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. It started off with a sawmill and later expanded into Doors, frames and accessories Show Rooms and more. We have also a new Doors/Frames showroom in Coimbatore.

Golden Timbers is a cut above the rest.

Teak, Sawl Container sales / Wholesale

Teak Logs stock in Erode

Sawl sizes stock in Erode

Two Sawmills

Doors & Frames Manufacturing

Teakwood furniture Manufacturing

Blue Metals wholesale

Modular Kitchen


Branded Accessories

Coimbatore Doors & Frames Showroom

Erode Doors & Frames Showroom


Teak is more of a passion, started off with Kerala Teak and later expanded to Africa Teak logs and size suppliers to the construction industry. The quality of teak is unmatched and imported directly without any middlemen and hence able to offer at a competitive price. Besides the retail sales to the construction industry, we are also into container log sales and later expanded into the furniture manufacturing industry.


Sawmills are expanding with our new branch S.A. Sawmill in Erode to support the high demand for the sawn sizes besides the Golden Timbers® Sawmill. To support the furniture manufacturers, we set up the S.A. Sawmill in Erode besides Golden Timbers®. Our speciality is that we can supply any un size / fancy architecture requirement.


Hardwood Hub in Erode with varies Sal species are directly imported from Malaysia. The varieties of Sal species, Quantity and Price is unmatched in India. Our knowledge in the various Sal species will help supply the right Sal at huge quantity and at a short notice. If your business is around Erode District, It’s an advantage for you. We also supply any Sal species in Containers before or after import. The key Sal species available are KKT, KSI, DRB, KLM, BS, MHW, Red Balau, Yellow Balau, Red Meranti Bukit, Meranti (DUC), Kapur and Yellow Sal (Mersawa). We can supply any other Sal species not mentioned here as well at huge quantity at a short notice.


Plywood was added to our other timber products and we supply at wholesale and retail Film Faced, Marine and all other Plywood types.

The Door showrooms

The Door showroom idea came a bit late. We initially started making doors, frames & Windows only for a few select customers, besides custom-made Teak furniture. Due to overwhelming support, as the customers were able to see the quality for themselves from logs to sizes to doors, frames and Windows without any middleman in between, we decided to open a showroom for doors, frames and Windows in Erode at the Golden Timbers® and also a branch in No.8, Corporation Building, Thiruvenkatasamy Road (west), RS Puram, Coimbatore - 641002.


Accessories for doors, frames, Windows from top brands and commercial are available. Please visit our accessories show room.

Packaging materials

Packaging materials is an area where we must say a word. We have top brands from heavy-duty engineering industries started approaching us to packaging wood with precise wood properties along with Phyto Certificate and ISPM-15 Heat Treatments. As we have a branch in Singapore with proximity to Malaysia, we placed a procurement team to meet the high-end engineering industry requirements as well. Pine wood as well available for pallets.

Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture are made for high end Teak Wood products such as Bed Frame, Dining Table, Teapoy, indoor/outdoor chairs, Side Tables.

Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen is made for large apartments, houses.

Blue Metals

Blue Metals such as WMM, GSP, M-Sand, P-Sand, 12-MM Jalli, 20-MM Jalli, 06 MM Jalli (Chips), Dust & Boulders at huge volume.

Please feel free to reach out to our customer friendly sales representatives for more details.

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