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There are 3 types of Sheet Goods and Plywood is one of them

Type 1 : Plywood

Type 2 : Blockboard

Type 3 : Other Sheet goods such as MDF, Hardboard, Particle board & OSB – Oriented-Standard Board

1. Plywood

Plywood consists of several thin layers of wood veneer bonded with an adhesive. It consists of minimum 3 layers of veneers which are Face veneer, Back veneer and the Core Veneer.

Plywood can be broadly classified into 3 categories. They are,

Plywood Type - 1. Engineered wood products

1. Structural Plywood

2. Shuttering / Film-Faced Plywood

3. Marine Plywood

Plywood Type - 2. Not-Engineered wood products

1. Interior Plywood : (Non-Structural)

2. Exterior Plywood : (Non-Structural)

Plywood Type - 3. Other Value-added Plywood

1. FR grade: Fire Retardant

2. Termite-Resistant and Borer-proof

3. Decorated Plywood

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2. Blockboard

Blockboard (or Laminboard) is classified as a plywood due to its construction of at least 3 veneers (face, core & back). However, it consists of a core made of (soft) wooden strips or blocks, placed edge to edge between two layers of plywood, which are then glued together under high pressure.

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3. Non-Plywood Sheet Goods

Crushed wood particles or chips of wood particles glued and pressed together.

Note: Choose Plywood if strength is important. Choose Blockboard for Smooth Surface and strength is not important.

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